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Tripandadventure.com is a global online marketplace for tourism and hospitality services, connecting in one place Accommodation Owners, OTA and other Businesses in tourism sector  with  travelers from all around.

Our mission is to give to people a global and powerful platform where they can plan and book their authentic trips and adventures around the world with the best prices, while enabling owners and OTA leasing their inventory and tourist offers to a large global community of travelers.

We aim connecting together in one place Businesses, such as: Hotels, Rental Properties, Restaurants, Travel Agents, Flight Companies, , Car Rentals etc. with travelers, bloggers and Trip and Adventure lovers from any part of the world.

We help travelers not only find the most suitable for them places where to stay, how to fly, what to do and where to eat, where to do sport, but also offer them a travel community where travelers share their experiences and explore new dimensions of travelling.

Our vision is to be World’s  Largest Travelling Community



Being Transparent is one of our main values. We love transparency before our visitors, our customers and our partners.


We feel responsible for what we do, how we develop and improve our product and services in order to offer you the best solution so you can rely on us.


Love drives and inspires us in everything we do. We love nature, we love people, we love nations, we love the world and we love you!


Every individual and culture is unique and diversity makes our world more beautiful. Thus we appreciate and respect diversity and are inspired by the different colors of our Globe.


We are driven by curiosity. We wonder, ask, read, research, analyze and try to explore every day new things, places, concepts, people and to improve and develop ourselves and our Platform for you.


Our platform is never and will never be too good enough, since there are always opportunities for development. We will never stop analyzing and makings our platform a better place for you.


We are committed to bring a new experience on the way people travel and discover the world.

We consider our visitors the Global “Trip and Adventure Lovers”, who enjoy navigating our platform not only while planning and booking their trips and vacations, but also using our booking platform as a guidance in their everyday life, in order to choose the restaurants where they enjoy food, the Lounge Bars where they have a glass of wine with their beloved, the trips they go in weekends, while they help the Community by sharing their opinions and reviews about their experience .

We work with passion to help Businesses, by improving continuously our platform and by being their devoted partner in hospitality and travelling services.

We help Businesses with are registered in our platform or who cooperate with us to attract more international travelers, to generate reservations and sales in every season and to improve their guest experiences and their services by being more competitive in the market.